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to the home of hot yoga in Stellenbosch

Our studio is situated in the historic heart of this beautiful Boland town and caters for both locals and visitors. At The Hot Yoga Studio we make every yoga class an awesome experience, whether you are young or old, fit or unfit, experienced or brand-new to the practice. We host a variety of yoga styles, taught by top-notch teachers, to ensure you leave every class with a smile on your face. Most of our classes are heated to give you an added push, increase your flexibility, help detoxify your body and maximise your enjoyment.


find a time that fits your busy day.

How To Start

If you’ve never been to hot yoga - no problem! Anyone is welcome, regardless of age, shape or previous experience.

  • Arrive Early

    On your first visit, try to come at least 20 minutes before class so you have time to sign up

  • Empty Tummy

    Try not to eat for about three hours before the class

  • Parking

    The closest place to find parking is usually up Plein Street or at the Eikestad Mall

  • Medical Conditions

    Inform your instructor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions that might affect your practice

  • Prepare For The Heat

    Our classes are very hot (up to 38 degrees Celsius), so expect to sweat a lot. You have to bring along a large bottle of water and TWO big towels - one to use in the hot room (a beach towel works well) and one if you want to shower afterwards

  • Remember Your Mat

    If you own a yoga mat, please bring it along - you will need it. Otherwise you can rent one of our yoga mats for R30 a session

  • Showers

    We have comfortable, hot showers so you can freshen up afterwards

  • Storage

    Bring your own lock if you want to leave your valuables in one of our lockers during class

  • Ask Questions

    Feel free to ask your experienced teachers anything you need to know about the practice or our studio

  • Quiet Space

    We have space in our reception area where our yoga community can chat and catch up, but our hot yoga room is a quiet space, so please respect other yogis’ silence when you enter the practice room.

Meet the team

Pop in and meet our amazing teachers!

Nolte is a chiropractor and yoga instructor. His modern soldier yoga is a vigorous flow grounded in warrior poses and yoga lunges, influenced by movement arts like martial arts and animalistic locomotion.



Johannes has many years experience in yoga and meditation. His classes include instruction on basic alignment, but also give experienced yogi’s the opportunity to explore advanced postures.



Sandi has a background in dancing. She teaches classes that integrate breath with movement, integrating a mixture of standing postures and arm balances.



James approaches yoga from his background in Daoist martial arts and Jungian psychology. You can expect a progressively challenging synergetic journey, one riddled with poetic narrative and yet anchored by mindful presence.



Eugene is a qualified yoga teacher that comes from an Aerobic background and teaches a combination of Power Yoga and Vinyasa flow. You can expect to be challenged in a practice that embraces yoga asana to music, with attention to sequencing that facilitates smooth transitions, technique and breath.



Eva has been practicing yoga for many years and trained with a variety of teachers around the world. In her classes she focuses on breath awareness, alignment and mindful transitions between postures with the aim to create a safe space for beginners but also offer a challenge for experienced yogis. You can expect dynamic flows and creative sequencing inspired by Ashtanga, YogaSynergy and Budokon.



Pick your favourite, or try them all!

Vigorous and exhilarating, a fixed sequence of yoga postures taught in a heated room with added humidity to increase flexibility and enhance stamina. These classes are great for both beginners, but experienced yogis also enjoy them.


Also heated. A creative flowing class, set to music, where a range of postures and transitions are explored. Yogis of all levels are welcome in these classes.


Similar to our Hot Vinyasa classes, but with an increased cardio element - some strength work and added stamina training. A great class for people who are serious about fitness.


Long, slow, deep. Yin Yoga is a non-heated practice in which deep stretches are held for a few minutes at a time in order to heal the joints and connective tissues.


A weekly gathering where we practice different styles of mindfulness meditation, mostly guided, with beginners instruction. Our meditation classes are not linked to any specific tradition, and are open to people from all backgrounds and levels of experience.


Based on the classical ashtanga sequence, this class has a number of added mood-elevating postures, including heart openers and arm balances. A great class for people who want to play and unleash their inner child. Ideally you should have done one or two vinyasa classes before coming to a Rocket class.

Our Prices

Talk to one of our instructors at the studio to help you decide which package will best suit your requirements


R 130 once

Test the waters

  • R110 Student Rate
  • Valid for one class

Ten Classes

R 990 once

The Flexible One

  • R880 Student Rate
  • Valid for 4 months

Three Month Unlimited

R 2350 \mo

Total Commitment

Please present a valid student card to qualify for the student rate